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Client Services


1. Contract Negotiations– At 3SG, our staff has over 15 years in contract negotiation experience. Our team is diverse in the areas of contract negotiating ranging from City Government, Corporate Entities to the NFL. We will incorporate our highly skilled team of attorneys as well as certified Contract Advisors in the process of assuring that all of our clients get lucrative contract deals.

2. Marketing – 3SG Sports Management provides athletes with marketing opportunities from apparel and trading cards to personal appearances and endorsements. At 3SG, we are always working toward securing all of our clients with lucrative marketing and endorsement deals.

3. Pre-Draft Preparation – 3SG understands the importance of our athletes being both physically and mentally prepared for the NFL Combine and Pro Day events. We have several partnerships with Pre-Draft Preparation facilities across the country. They include: Velocity Sports Performance (Santa Ana, CA), Plex (Pearland, TX), Michael Johnson Performance (McKinney, TX).

4. Media Relations - 3SG retained a public relations specialist who has years of experience working in mass communications and with players and other professionals on how to best present themselves to both the media and team executives during interviews.

5. Financial Planning – Sound Financial Planning is an important focus for our athletes. 3SG Sports provides "a consultation and recommendation process" regarding financial planning for athletes. Our Group has partnerships with several financial planning firms that are certified with the NFLPA and we will assist our clients in securing one of these firms.

6. Post-Career Counseling – 3SG works closely with our clients to understand their off-the-field interests. We work with our clients to develop and execute their post-career plans. This could include furthering education, internships, career workshops, and networking opportunities during the off-season. Ultimately, these opportunities will assist our clients in transitioning into successful careers after retirement.

7. Legal Services - 3SG will provide clients with legal assistance. Additionally, 3SG has a team of attorneys who will assist the contract advisors during the contract negotiation process.





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